Research and Testing Phase No. 2.b. (Current)

Since we found a winning formula in phase 2.a., phase 2.b. focused on scaling from 3 to 16 plants in a small, dedicated control room. Potting mixture, and irrigation remained the same- adding additional tubing needed to support watering.

Research and Testing Phase No. 2.a.

In our second growth phase, we upgraded our containers- providing for greater aeration, soil capacity and enriched composition- adding a richer mix of all natural ingredients.

We overhauled our lighting systems, shifting to high intensity, temperature controlled units.

Not satisfied, we went further and upgraded or watering to Leafly, so pump automation could be done at interval and adjusted remotely.

The result is better buds and the achievement of Jacuba Luxury first signature strain: “Fuel D.OG”.

Research and Testing Phase No. 1

In our first phase, we set rows of plastic soil pots, adding a single fertilizer formula to promote leaf growth.

During that phase, our lighting system consisted of medium grade “colored” LED lights.

Our watering pump system flowed continuously, as opposed to at interval, unlike more advanced models.

The process yielded a small amount of buds that were not fit to be consumed.

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