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Basics about men’s and women’s appearance that enhance their attractiveness. Advice that brings you to the best version of yourself.   

The Best Dating Apps of 2023

  1. Best for serious relationships: eHarmony
  2. Best for over 50: Match
  3. Best for kink: Feeld
  4. Best for over 40: OkCupid
  5. Best for women: Bumble
  6. Best for young adults: Hinge
  7. Best for gay men: Grindr
  8. Best for lesbians: Her
  9. Best for working professionals: The League
  10. Best for hookups: Tinder
  11. Best for Christians: Christian Mingle

Scheduling with Google Form Creation & Calendly Automation 

Using our proven dating technique program, we set up a personalized form that captures your values and makes dating a simpler, almost automatic process. 

The form below is adopted from Founder, Michael Wynter’s core values. After consultation, yours will be tailored for you. 

How the Questionnaire Works

Section No. 1 : Guilt

Guilt Questions: Rationale: The reason “guilt” is at the heart of the Values Questionnaire, is because it reveals delinquent character or those who would do nothing if confronted with a challenge.

Have you given thought to prioritizing your values; and if so, what’s the order” Ideal Answer: My order of Values to Achieve Desires: 1. Commitment,  2. Dedication,  3. Understanding Empathy about Every Statement, 4. Actual Support for the Vision of Each Other, 5. Integrity,  about Values, and  6 Honesty with Each Other.

Could you adopt my Desired Lifestyle?

Ideal Answer: During child rearing: 41 – 45: Expansion of Positivity Market,  Hiring, Inventory Purchases;  46 – 50: Real Estate investments, Annual Vacations. 51 – 60: Always on vacation –  work remotely. After child rearing: (65+:Always on vacation –  work remotely.

How would you serve our family?  

Ideal Answer: My ideal partner must be willing to -Act as the Senior Vice President of Operations (for the purpose of learning practices in order to teach kids); Explicitly Teach the Kids:1. Family Values 2. The family business practices 3. Cooking and service by priority of importance (Father, then mother, then kids) 4. Hygiene and Cleaning.     

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